Adventures in Bobbysitting is the third episode of Bobby's World, first airing on Fox on September 22, 1990. It marks the first appearience of Natelie, who is more likely to appear in Bobby's World 2.

Real world references/GoofsEdit

  • Title Reference: Adventures In Babysitting
  • Cool Hand Luke: Bobby's first day dream involves opening the door to a prison guard who promises they'll have no failure to communicate.
  • Looney Tunes: Derek declares "If she calls mom and dad, this means war."
  • Mason is a spoof on Jason Vorhees of the Friday the 13th film series.
  • The whoosh sound effect from the Roadrunner cartoons is heard when Roger dashes past Bobby, Derek and Natalie who are running away from Mason.
  • Goof; In Bobby's World: The Live Action Series, Natalie has a daughter named Bennether beside her. However, she was never featured or mentioned in this episode;therefore Natalie either left her at home or is pregnant.