Basketball Bein Robbed will be the first ever episode of Bobby's World: The Live Action Series. It will be sent off to YouTube on April 3rd, 2014.


Bobby tells us, he was at the playground overnight, and that he saw a girl doing art on a wall. He quizzes us if it was:

  • A burglar
  • A fan of basketball
  • A terrorist
  • A female bigfoot

In the animation, a girl named Bennether does graffiti saying what r u lookin at, and a black and white footage of her doing what she did in the past...until her parents divorced. Bobby chases Bennether to his house, and his babysitter Natalie (who in fact was absent since Adventures in Bobbysitting) is there to take her home. But a basketball she stole was all but forgotten. Next day, Bobby tells Natalie about the ball, and Natalie beats Bennether up.

Back in the live action format, Bobby reveals that Natalie went into her face. Suddenly, Howard Generic (not seen but heard) talks to Bobby and Bobby states, he is making wings for supper.


  • This would be the return of the character Natalie since Adventures in Bobbysitting.
  • At the park, Bennether may be doing graffiti, however as a gag the art is never shown, despite the fact that it could be offensive.
  • It will be revealed, Bobby has an iPhone.
  • It will be confirmed, Natalie and her husband are divorced so, Bobby might meet them like it in the following episodes.