Bathing Box is the 1st episode and second season of Bobby's World 2. It marks the first appearence of the Ximous gang.


One evening, Bobby is at the park. The Ximous gang have accomplished theyre soccor game in the feild. There, is a bag of the soccorball uniforms inside. A lawnmower comes, so he hides inside it. The Ximous gang members carry him away to 2 female of the Ximous gang members' house. Into the washer machine he and the soccorball laundry go. The machine gets turned on, it washes him. Morninglight, the gang discover Bobby weakly laying in the machine. He is sent home.

Martha, Howie, Kelly, Derek, and Rodger are understood. Bennether and Natelie come to check up on him. They say, he is kind,ve weak for a week. A few days after, Bobby is his old self  again.  In the ending- Bobby comes to the park again. Bobby sees the Ximous gang and WAM POW. He beats them, kicking them into the pond.

Real World refrencesEdit

  • It's okay. The washer machine's lid is on the top cap of the washer itself. There is a pole inside that forces the washer's bathing to go around let and right, not up and dowm.
  • This is the first appearence of the Ximous gang.
  • Bobby Generic survived the laundrywash. His tempeture just has an ill dg and he only has soapsuds up his throught. In the end, he shows the gang (who secretly put him in the washer) secret. He beats them up. He kicks them into the pond. Those strangers are the ones who he mistakes for as Criminals.