Bennether will be the tritagonist of Bobby's World: The Live Action Series. She is daughter of Natalie, Bobby's Babysitter. She is also a fan sport of [[1]].

She first appeared in Basketball Bein Robbed where Bobby is out at night at the playground, and spies on Bennether when she is doing offscreen graffiti. Bobby finds out, she also stole a basketball from the courts to take to Derek Generic. Bobby chased her home, finding out that she is a daughter of Natalie.

Bennether is voiced by Brianna Gentilella.


  • Bennether was never seen or mentioned in Adventures in Bobbysitting because she was left home alone.
  • She likes cracking her knuckles, despite in Bobby's World: The Live Action Series an episode were she convinces Bobby, he can (if he wants too).
  • Bennether is a team member of the Knicks. She will once steal a basketball to take to Derek Generic for some game lessons, and in Sunny Summer, she will stand out a door with Bobby and Jacky in her basketball uniform, and holding a ball in her hand.