Bobby's World Reboot will be the rebooted series of Bobby's World that will premiree sometime in January or February of 2015. Bobby Generic is back in an all new show for preschoolers. A new character called Susvanah "Li'l Cynthia" Smith will be introduced. There is no technology for the audio. But, there are some captions in the shots, so that when it's a character's turn to talk, you can read the captions to understand what they are saying.

All this changed: Edit

  • Bobby's teacher is now Mr. Nanedenkling.
  • Bobby now attends Little Blue School.
  • There's a completely new design of Bobby's house.
  • There's a completely new design of Bobby's pet dog Rodger.
  • The zoo (which was seen in The Truth About Aunt Ruth) has a completely new design.
  • Bobby's parents, siblings, and cousins are not seen in any episode.