Handy Habit will be the 3rd episode of Bobby's World: The Live Action Series. It will premire on May 8, 2014. Bobby's hands are hurting painfully. Jackie convinces, he can crack his knuckles, but Bobby regrets it. However, when his hands are tired after being slept on, Bobby is braves and cracks his knuckles anyway. But at school, everybody gets annoyed and Bobby ends up having to stay after school. It's Bobby's job to teach Jackie that cracking your knuckles is not a good thing.


Bobby wakes up, and gets ready for school. Before class starts, Jackie comes out and scares Bobby. In social studies, the teacher asks trivia questions, and Jackie answers them, making Mr. Nanedenlking very proud and forcing him to give Bobby a reward. After school, Bobby races Jackie to his house. When they get to Bobby's house, he is exhausted, and his hands feel stiff. Jackie convinces Bobby to crack his knuckles, but Bobby says rejects it, because he thinks that it will hurt. While watching the movie, Jackie starts to crack her knuckles, which makes Bobby feel annoyed. Bobby tells Jackie to stop, but that does not happen. In the middle of the night, Bobby tries to fall asleep, but he is sleeping in the wrong position. Realizing that his hands are stiff, Bobby cracks his knuckles. At breakfast, Bobby annoys everybody with his knuckle-popping. On the way to school, Bobby cracks his knuckles. Even Jackie is happy about it.

Strange things start to happen at school. In gym class, the coach gets annoyed by Bobby cracking his knuckles. In science, everybody stares at Bobby and watches him crack his knuckles. In math, Mr. Nanedenkling overhears Bobby cracking his knuckles so loud, that it causes Bobby to stay after school, and discuss that Bobby needs to stop doing it. On the way home from school, Bobby meets Jackie at the playground, cracking her knuckles. Bobby comes up to Jackie and asks her not to do it, but Jackie tells Bobby that it will not hurt. Bobby then tells Jackie that it is a bad habit. Bobby and Jackie now have learnt that it is bad to crack your knuckles, and they decide to stop doing it.


  • This is the first episode where someone has cracked their joints in.
  • This is also the second time Bobby has to stay after school, the first time being Karate Bobby.