Opening Credits Edit

Animation Teleplay By Jim Staahl

Jim Fisher

Diane Dixon

Peter Tilden

Live Action Written by Howie Mandel

Ending Credits Edit

Based on a Character Created by Howie Mandel
Executive Producers Phil Roman

Howie Mandel

Produced By Gary Conrad
Story Editors Diane Dixon

Peter Tilden

Developed for Television and Co-Produced by Jim Staahl


Jim Fisher

Executive in Charge of Production Bill Schultz
Studio Production Manager Anne Luitng
Supervising Director John Conning
Directors Robert Treat

Marlene May

Ron Myrick

Klay Hall

Voice Director Ginny McSwain
Music by Mark Koval
Main Title Music by John Tesh

Michael Hanna

Starring Howie Mandel as Himself and as the voice of bobby and Dad
Voices Gail Matthius

Kevin Michaels

Jonah Cummings

Pat Fraley

Danny Mann

Jodi Carlisle

Storyboards Andrew Austin

Rachel Brenner

Gary Hoffman

Storyboard Revision Bill Riling
Models Craig Kellman

Alberto De Mello

Layouts Cliff Voorhees

Brad Landreth

Alberto De Mello

Backgrounds Michael Humphries

Jack Heiter

Bari Greenberg

Color Design Debbie Mark
Live Action Produced By John Callas
Directed by John Peter
Live Action Directed by John Sparey
Animated by Kevin Petrilak
Computer Animation Kroyer Films
Song: "Goin' on a Trip"
Music by Mark Koval
Lyrics by Howie Mandel


Mark Koval

Edited by Horta Editorial Services Inc.
Supervising Editorial Consultant Sam Horta
Picture Editors Tom Syslo

Julie Gustafson

Music Editors William Griggs
Sound Editors Greg LaPlante

Stephen Janisz

Re-Recording Mixers Timothy J. Borquez

Timothy Garrity

Animation Production by Wang Film Production Co. Ltd

Cuckoo's Nest Studios

Muisc Mixer Chuck Hill
Voice Recording Screen Music Studios
Voice Transfer Complete Post, Inc.
Production Manager Lolee Aries
Post Production Manager Barbara Beck
Post Production Supervisor Dennis Graham
TM & (c) 1993 Fox Children's Network, Inc. "Bobby" character is TM Alevy Productions. All rights reserved.

Fox Children's Network, Inc is the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws.