When Bobby Generic has trouble about what to do when he is faced with a choice of either using his words or fighting back, he decides to sign up for a karate concert in a chinese stadium. However, some of his parts there are not his very best because at dinner time, Bobby's misuse of karate training causes him to karate chop Derek in the elbow/arm. The next day isn't any better because Bobby's karate abuse strikes again, this time against Lou, Kevin and Cosmoe. In the principal's office, Martha comes in and warns Bobby that if he hits anyone another time, she will paddle his bottom to the point where he cannot sit down. At home, Bobby teases Jackie, who in return punches Bobby's face to give him a black eye. In the end, both Bobby and Jackie agree with each other that violence is not the answer to any problem at all.

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Karate Bobby

October 23, 1993

Perv. Jets, Choo Choos & Cars

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