Natelie is babbysitter of Bobby and is mother of Bennether. She is voiced/acted by Nancy CartWright.

Controversity Edit

Natelie first appears in "Adventures in Bobbysitting" where he was left in charge of Derek and Bobby. Although she does have a daughter, she never appears in her debut, as Natelie left her behind. In fact, her daughter was not actually created during the making of Natelie's first appearance. So this means that Natelie was on her own, and she left Bennether at home. Yet, she never states that she has a daughter.


  • Adventures in Bobbysitting (First appearance, but daughter never revealed, as so in her following features.)
  • Basketball Bein Robbed
  • Waterfall Waveway
  • Natelie Nanny
  • Miracle 34th on ST roral route 2