"Bobby is Nursery Rocking!" is the 12th episode of The AWN Series, Bobby's World 2: Calling All Members. It aired on July 18, 2015. 

S1: E12

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Nursery Rockin Transcript


Bobby figures an idea to make invitations for a night inside a kindergarten class. That night, the taxi drops him off there. The kids are inside. Soon after the party starts, The kids start to spill soda, throw pizza, goof around, and break windows. A stranger up the road watches what happens going on inside, and calls the police. Things calm down quickly after they arrive.

The party gets cancelled, parents are called, and angry and disappointley does Carl & Howard come to take Bobby home. Bobby gets grounded, and sent to his room. A week after, The teacher of the kindergarten class that has been harassed comes over. Bobby learns it was not a good idea, and comes to clean the classroom. So his parents take him off of being grounded.

Real world refrencesEdit

  • It is unaecceptable for Bobby and a gang of other kids to be off drop-ed at a random kindergarten hotel and just wreck it.
      • The cops came to evict The Nursery Rocking Gang, Probably because a stranger who caught them do it, called them and sent them to do so- that is what happens in Suspects, Lies, and Videotape.