Nursery Rockin Transcript:

Bobby: Let's see the grade on my ELA A!

Jackie: Good going, Bobby. Can you guest what today is?


Jackie: Yes!

Bobby: So tonight, maybe we could have a party here in our classroom.

Jackie: You know what, I think it can be a great idea.

That evening...

Howard: Okay Bobby, we will see you in 2 hours. Make sure to be on your best behavior.

Bobby: Yes Dad.

(Bobby goes into the school building, and enters his classroom.)

All of Bobby's classmates: Hey Bobby, what took you so long? We have been waiting a long time!

So the party gets started. About a half-hour later, the kids start to spill soda on the floor, throw pizza, crack their knuckles, listen to music, and smash keyboards. One of the kids throw a ball at a window, the window breaks, and the ball shoots into the window of a stranger's house. The stranger sees how the ball got inside, and calls 911. The police reach Bobby's school. So the party ends, and parents get called. Howard and Carl angrily come to take Bobby home.

(Bobby turns on the radio, but Howard turns it off.)

Bobby: Dad, I was listening to that song.

Howard: Bobby, I can't let you listen to radio. You should have known better than that.

Carl: Bobby, why did you do it?

Bobby: I don't know.

Howard: Just you wait until we get home, Mr.

At home...

Howard: You are grounded for a month. March straight to your room, young man!

A week later...

(Bobby's teacher comes over to talk about the party incident.)

Bobby's teacher: Okay, Bobby. We need to talk about this. What happened last week was not a good idea.

Bobby: Sorry, teacher.

Bobby's teacher: You see Bobby, what you and your friends were doing, you were vandalizing the classroom. Vandalizm is not tolerated on school grounds. You also caused the keyboards to break, the windowa to break, and the floor to have soda stains on them.

Bobby: Yes, teacher. I will never do it again. I will come and fix the classroom damage.

So Bobby comes to clean the destruction in the classroom at his school. He vacuums it, washes it, brings in new windows, brings in new keyboards, and takes bubblegum off the walls.

Bobby's teacher: That was a great job, Bobby. As a reward, here is a double-fudge bar.


Back at Bobby's house.....

Howard: Well Bobby, I guess you can be taken off of grounding.

Carl: Yeah! Hey Bobby, you want to play hide-and-seek around the neighborhood with me?

Bobby: Yes! But make sure you don't hide somewhere that I cannot find you-because I have the feeling I am going to get grounded again.

Bobby, Howard, and Carl: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The End.