Uncle Ted 300

Uncle Ted is Martha's brother, Howard's brother-in-law and the maternal uncle of Kelly, Derek, and Bobby. He loves to give noogies to Bobby and is a collector of various things, one of which is a novelty item called Socks In A Can. (voice of the late Tino Insana)

Most of the Generic family disrespects him on account that his attitude is too immature for a man of his age. However, Bobby loves him as the two have common ground.

Even though Uncle Ted was often dull-witted, there were times when he got Bobby and others out of trouble, such as when Bobby's father cancelled party entertainment because he thought Martha was in labor, Martha was annoyed. However, Uncle Ted said they could make their own fun, shown with Howard as a magician and Kelly his assistant.

Uncle Ted will not appear in Bobby's World: The Live Action Series, but will be mentioned in each episode.